Monday, July 27, 2009

Post high school students with disabilities in postsecondary institutions

The National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) released a study on June 2nd. The study, “The Post-High School Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities up to 4 Years after High School,” surveyed high school students with disabilities, ages 17-21 on life after high school.

One aspect of the study focused on students with disabilities enrolled in postsecondary institutions. Some of the findings were:

Ø Forty-five percent of high school students went to college. Out of the forty-five percent, 32% were likely enrolled in a two year community college versus 14% enrolled in a four year college.

Ø Students with disabilities who attended a two year college were enrolled in an academic (57 %) than vocational (29 %) programs.

Ø Students who were identified as having a disability in high school, 55% of students did not consider themselves as having a disability while in college. Thirty-seven percent of students self-identified as having a disability in college or in a postsecondary certificate program.

Ø Eighty-nine percent of students with disabilities enrolled in college reported they were working towards a degree or certificate. Twenty-nine percent had graduated or completed their postsecondary certificate program.

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