Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zahavit Paz, Executive Director of LD Resources Foundation, will be making a panel presentation at the Access to Higher Ground Conference

Zahavit Paz, Executive Director and Co-Founder of LD Resources Foundation, will be making a panel presenting regarding e-book technology at the “Access to Higher Ground” Conference in Westminister, Colorado, on Friday, November 13, 2009.
The title of Ms. Paz’s presentation will be, “From Clay Tablets to the Kindle – implications of the new e-book technology”. The Access to Higher Ground Conference is sponsored by the University of Colorado in collaboration with AHEAD, EASI, ATHEN, and WebAIM. This Nationwide Conference is for individuals who design or provide accessible Web media, web based information resources and web access technology in the academic environment.

As a panel participant, Ms. Paz will speak on how current E-book technology affects students with print disabilities on postsecondary universities.

Highlights of what Ms. Paz will focus on:

 Access to textbooks, via e-book technology, which can be accessed everywhere students may be located, such as in trains, buses, transportation depots, libraries, and other public or private spaces.

 What the downsides are of this breakthrough technology when it comes to students with a print disability.

 The need for developing e-book standards to institute compatible “across the board” e-reader technology, so that students have access to any book they need regardless of the publishing source or the bookseller.

 Why are the costs of this technology prohibitive for those in the lower socio-economic sphere?

The full text of Zahavit Paz’s speech will be in an upcoming blog at blog@ldrfa.org.

For more information regarding the Access to Higher Ground Conference go to: www. Colorado.edu/ATconference/html.

For more information on e-book technology, go to:http://www.ebookweek.com/ebook_gallery.html#2

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