Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IPAD Voiceover gestures: User Accessibility for the IPAD by Zahvavit Paz, Executive Director, LD Resources Foundation

Here’s a summary of Voiceover gestures using accessibility for the IPAD

You can also download IPAD user guide for your IPAD. The download is free; however, the user guide is 303 pages. Here is a short cut for gestures. It may be helpful to you!

Navigate and Read

--> Tap: Speak item.

--> Flick right or left: Select the next or previous item.

--> Flick up or down: The effect varies depending on the Rotor Control setting.
See “Using VoiceOver” on page 110.

--> Two-finger tap: Stop speaking the current item.

--> Two-finger flick up: Read all, from the top of the screen.

--> Two-finger flick down: Read all, from the current position.

--> Three-finger flick up or down: Scroll one page at a time.

--> Three-finger flick right or left: Go to the next or previous page (such as the Home screen or Safari).

--> Three-finger tap: Speak the scroll status (which page or rows are visible).

--> Four-finger flick up or down: Go to the first or last element on a page.

--> Four-finger flick right or left: Go to the next or previous section (for example, on a webpage).

Select and Activate

--> Double-tap: Activate selected item.

--> Touch an item with one finger, tap the screen with another finger (“split-tapping”): Activate item.

--> Double-tap and hold (1 second) + standard gesture: Use a standard gesture.

The double-tap and hold gesture tells iPad to interpret the subsequent gesture as standard.

For example, you can double-tap and hold, and then without lifting your finger, drag your finger to slide a switch.

You can use standard gestures when VoiceOver is turned on, by double-tapping and holding your finger on the screen.

A series of tones indicates that normal gestures are in force.
They remain in effect until you lift your finger, then VoiceOver gestures resume.

-->Two-finger double tap: Play or pause in iPod, YouTube, Voice Memos, or Photos.

Start or pause recording in Voice Memos.

Start or stop the stopwatch.

--> Three-finger double tap: Mute or unmute VoiceOver.

--> Three-finger trip tap: Turn the display on or off.

I am in the process of writing a blog on the accessibility of IPAD for people with Learning Disabilities.

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