Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Advocate for Dyslexia

Henry Winkler's dyslexic hero gives kids with learning difficulties the last laugh
Published: GreatSchools

Henry Winkler played one of the most iconic television characters “The Fonz” on Happy Days during the 70’s and 80’s and a graduate of Yale University School of Drama. Today, he is an advocate for people with dyslexia, who did not know about his disability until he was 30 when his son was tested for it in 3rd grade. Unlike his character, Mr. Winkler was not a popular person growing up. In fact, he recalled the words people used to describe him in school, but that did not deter his goal of becoming an actor.

Since his diagnosis, he has co-written a series of books on a character named Hank Zipzer who has dyslexia as a way to raise awareness and information to families and people with connection to dyslexia. Lastly, he imparts an important lesson that he learned from his music teacher that, "children have multiple layers; they are what they show you on the outside, and the depth of their greatness is on the inside."

To read the entire article by Henry Winkler, please click [GreatSchools]

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