Thursday, July 21, 2011

“Dyslexie”Fonts Created for Those with Dyslexia to Read the Printed Word Easier.

Dyslexics face challenges daily in both reading and writing. Those with dyslexia mirror and rotate and interchange letters. The aesthetics of those letters, to a person with dyslexia, becomes the same. Those with dyslexia have a difficult time distinguishing letters, such as “p” and “d” for example.

Christian Boer, a graphic designer from Holland, whom is dyslexic, designed a new font aimed for the dyslexic population. He manipulated the letters by its size and shape. He appropriately named it “Dyslexie.”

The University of Twente (Holland) used Boer’s “Dyslexie” fonts with those who have dyslexia. They found that dyslexics made fewer errors reading errors using the “Dyslexie” fonts than standard fonts.

At LD Resources Foundation, we have used many different assistive technologies in helping the college student with dyslexia. Maybe one day this font will be part of other fonts with Times New Roman and Arial.

For those who want to see what the dyslexie type is go this link on You Tube

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